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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

Super biggy to me, I am not a football fan. My son, on his way out the door to a party mentioned, "I hope they have food there."
My partner (aka x-husband/new lover), said, "Don't worry there will be food. The women work all day cooking."
Then Loch, my son replied, "Mom doesn't."
HOW APPROPO! Not only don't I cook for Super Bowl, I don't participate..(as you see, I am on the computer blogging instead.)
I have occasionally been noted to watch the half time entertainment, but "The Who" doesn't trip my trigger anymore than the game. I know, I grew up in that era and should be overjoyed to watch "The Who" but you must now get SOME idea of what makes me tick since I don't like football. I don't belong with the normals...I prefer the abnormals....the artists, musicians and actors.

Friday, I had a meltdown. I hadn't painted in the studio for 4 days. I was back to 'normal' income, which is dog grooming, and because of that, I can't get to the studio since I have to go home and feed the troupes plus involve myself in any other side venture I participate in (yoga, zumba). I told John (the partner), through my tears, that I couldn't be Woman of the year because I was really an artist, and right now, a frustrated one! It was very mary Tyler Moore-ish. aka Laura Petri
We formulated a compromise and Sunday, today, was supposed to be my day for real quality, quiet time painting! But instead.....

I have spent all day wrestling cigarette-smoke-grimed antiques that I received FREE form a friend who is a realtor who said, "Everything left in the house will be tossed, so let's go get it!"  I created my karma. I was hoping to spend the day in the studio working on the latest painting, but instead, I was washing, scrubbing, polishing, and pricing estate sale 'junk' (?) Someone will buy some of it. I have an antique store, you see.
The store has finally gotten under control and was looking rather artsy as opposed to  cluttered and junky, and I was real proud. Yep, real proud. Then I got the call for estate left overs. Now I have to find SOMEPLACE to put all this stuff until the tourists, (God love 'em), rally forth to take it all away. I really wanted to get away from antiques and more into the funky and the arty, but a scavenger is a scavenger. I inherited the curse from my parents.
My Mom's philosophy: Don't throw anything out. (She was a kindergarten teacher utilizing every bit of recycled goods we could en mass for art projects in class).
My Dad's philosophy: How can you pass up boxes of junk at auction when their only .50? (He discovered auctions after retirement).
Monday: back to the shop to find a nook and cranny for all freebies, and then I promise myself, back to the studio to paint!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gone too long

Time has flown since Dec. 26, 2009, my last blog. I can't say that I have been overwhelmed with work, just taking a step back to survey the world, I guess.
Always continuing to push painting. I get about 45 minutes to an hour to paint these days. I want 4-8. There is always something that pulls me away from what I think will be my final destination, which is my art. Need less distraction and more discipline.  Work on that, Nancy, won't you? Sure Nanc, I'm on it!