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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Little Mermaid Auditions

In order to weed through the dolls to pick the perfect little Mermaid, I decided to have auditions. Auditions included not only acting and singing, but the ability to come up with the most creative original costume on their own. I also told them to make up their own sea name...Ariel is so overdone these days.
Here are the candidates for approval. (left to right). Annie, Inga Kettlecorn ( the girl rejected from Hansel and Gretel this week), Red Riding Hood, and Pinocchio, the feminine version (chosen because he wears a he was dying to get in on the activity. [I will have to let the Egyptian know this]).

Here are materials I gave them to work with: a ball of twine and all the nature they could find in the woods.

Candidate #1: Annie

"My name is Annie, and my totally awesome mermaid outfit is made of 2 grape leaves tied together, topped off with a giant water lily on my head.
My mer-name is Water Lily, Queen of her Pad!"

Candidate #2: Pinocchio

"Okay, I'm made of wood, right? So I thought, 'What the hell, let's go with a pine cone.' I can't tell you how difficult it is to walk over to the shore rocks with pine cone fins, but I did it. I'm here. Oh yeah, dig the crazy acorn topper for my hat!"
" name? Oh yeah Ethel Merman...get it? ...'cause I'm not a girl...get it?"

Candidate #3: Inga Kettlecorn

"I'm from the Swiss Alps, so naturally, I chose pine needles. They remind me of the mountain pines back home. I think they make very practical fins, because it 's like swimming with a hundred fins working as one! Oh, how I wished I could find an edelweiss...but this Indian Paint Brush flower was all I could find in these scrubby woods! My mer name is Miss Pining Bytheshore" 

Finally...Candidate #4 Red Riding Hood

"I kind of went all out for the competition. You see, I have a wolf and Granny living under my dress, so I had to cover them up. I'm tired of dear o'l Granny getting all the glory, so I went with the extra long ferns, wrapped in birch bark, topped in all the right places with pure white flowers and acorn breastabules.
My name is Princess Red Corral of Green Gables."

Now, our judge, a local beach bum, had a difficult decision. Who would be the next little mermaid?


and the winner goes to....

Red Corral of Green Gables!!! For an outstanding cover up of ol' Granny and the mean ol' Wolf!!!

See the other mermaids pouting on the beach...

Our winner wins an all exclusive paid meal to Bernies Fish Fry House, on lake Ohmahgod, home of the dancing frog legs and 'turtle soup on the run', served up snappy!
 Don't forget their motto: "You can hooker a tuna at Bernies', but you can't tuna fish!" 

She also wins a limited bus and truck run of The Little Mermaid on golden ponds anywhere. 

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