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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Amish Country

Poor little Amish boy~why do you look so sad?

"I left home thinking I would be happier out of the Amish lifestyle. Now, I don't know what to do with myself."

"See, photos of my brothers and me working the farm?"

"I didn't want to do manual labor. I wanted to play video games and ride on motorcycles."

"This is a blurry photo of my sisters and me. Or, is it my simple tears that make it so blurry?  I loved my sisters until they made a ceramic likeness of me, and I looked so sad and unhappy, so, I had to leave my home."

"I gave up buggies and horses for crotch rockets, cell phones and and X-box."

"I could still be painting naive, tourist trinkets with my Maw,
... or churning the butter to put in our caramels which go into this souvenir can.
 I used to make them with my Grandpaw, and then Ol' Grandmaw would take out her teeth to suck on our treats."

"But no, I left for dates with girls, and beer parties and rock and roll blasting in my truck. 
Perhaps someday I will have the nerve to knock on my parent's home and beg to come back home. But not until summer's over...there are still speed boats, summer festivals, laser lights, more beer parties, driving around and around in my truck, picking up girls, air-conditioning, and....

...the MALL!"

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