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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Windoms

Many, many years ago, my Father built me a dollhouse. I was 5 years old. As the years passed, I learned more and more about other dollhouses. One in particular seemed the ultimate in dollhouses. It was Faith Bradford's dollhouse in the Smithsonian Institute. Since my parents didn't have the means or desire to take me to Washington, DC, I began a correspondence with Ms. Bradford who was about 80 when I was 10.
In lieu of that communication, I asked my Father to build me an addition to my house. He complied, and I set up a late 1800's homestead for the Windom family. Apparently, faces were optional on my handmade dolls, but period dress was a  must.
I haven't spoken to my old dolls in a number of years, so I am quite thrilled to interview them now.
"Mr. and Mrs Windom,  it's been a long time! You are looking as dapper as ever, I must say."

"I have to tell you, I'm sure there are quite a few folks  who are impressed that you have been married since the late 1800's. That's quite an accomplishment now-a-days."

"Yes, well, in all these years, were there ever times when your relationship was tested?"

"Uh-oh, have I tip toed into a touchy subject?"

"Alright......wellllll.... not to change the subject, but a little while back, I had a blog featuring another quote unquote 'member" of your family. Do you ever have any contact with your old Nanny, Beloved?"

"Oh, wait, Mrs. Windom, where are you going?  Please, have a seat, I have a few more questions. I am sorry if I struck a nerve."

"Ahhh....yessss....well, that's bet-ter. So, I guess we can say living through an entire decade can have it's trying moments! Heh heh.
Well, say... Mr, Windom, you fathered 7 children, you must have had a good job. Would you mind telling us what you did?

"Wooooooaaaaa, Mrs. Windom, I didn' t mean to imply that you had no hand in raising 7 children. I am sure it was a grueling job back then before Nike's, velcro, microwaves. Heck, even washing machines!"
And even without mouths, I picked up a message, "What's that....there are more than 7 children?"

"Oh Mr. Windom, you really DO still love your wife! How romantic!"

"So....., do you think it was something I said?"

"Well then, I guess the interview... is, er,  over. I thank you so much for your time....I hope you and Mrs. Windom have another wonderful decade together....uh....did you hear a door slam?"

I turned around in my chair and sighed, "Oh, no, who let her in?"
Beloved spoke, "Don't you be talkin bout dat past times wit Mr. Windom! You gone and done it now! Ol Missy is goin 'roun the bend, like she did all those years ago. YOU jus stick to mindin YO own biznus, and we all gonna be happy happy lil dolls in da dolly cabinet. Ya hear?"

Just imagine what they would have said if I'd given them mouths!

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