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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Czech Twins

In a little tiny basket, in the European section, under the Burgermeister and Queen Victoria. The Scotsman, and Can-Can girl,
are the Czech Twins, Andela and Anezka. (Blonde and brunette respectfully).

 They somehow snuck out of the cabinet in a puny basket big enough for two, if you're 2 inches tall, that is.

The amazing thing about twins, even fraternal ones, is that they can almost read each other's minds. These two can lead their horse to water..and make it drink, without uttering nary a word. I discovered them up to no good, pulling practical jokes on my family.

They started out throwing a lampshade on poor, unsuspecting David. 

He thought it was a fez.

Next, they arrived in my son's room. A mechanical frog was smuggled under his sheets., for a late night scare!

I then watched them tie my husband's shoe laces together.

I just didn't have the heart to tell them that the person is supposed to be wearing them, to get the full effect. (Sometimes, two heads aren't better than one).

A short while later, they really started to get on my nerves. They began teasing the cat with a plastic fish.

Obviously, she really wasn't getting too ruffled up over it.

But enough was enough. I needed to round up these little hooligans, so I went to the cabinet, as guess who was MORE than eager to help out?

...Mammy Belinda, of course! She tied A & A's basket to her wrist and called out for them. The smoke screen consisted of a "hot lunch" awaiting on the 4th floor, and if that didn't attract them, she was going to lower herself to the ground and start some serious butt wompin!

However, her little scheme worked!

 She lowered the basket..
...and the two scrawny Czechs piled in for kureci polevka (chicken noodle soup) and 
bramborove' knedliky (potato dumplings);

only to come to find out, they were getting a piece of Belinda's sassy mind, instead.
They moved back into the European section, basket in tow, and 
peace has been restored to our house.


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