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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shirley Temple

This is my old Shirley Temple doll, in her "We salute you, Little Colonel," outfit.

Shirley, who was well loved by me, as you can tell, noticed that I had been rummaging through old boxes. She came over to tell me that she no longer had her shoes. In fact, she only had on a pair of very dirty socks, so I said to her, "Well then, let's rummage through together and see if we can come up with some footwear for you!"

She was so excited, she ripped off her dirty socks, and climbed into box #1.

No shoes or socks, but we found a fine assortment of western memorabilia that I had plain forgotten all about. We continued our search.

We found all the deer icons you could want, Wizard of Oz mementoes by the dozen and a box of rustic who knows what's.

After that, we found Granny's box of favorite wooden carvings and inside, were my old pair of wooden shoes!

 Shirley was eyeing them with a thirsty drool, remembering her days as the Little Dutch Girl in film. And that is precisely why I had them for sure. I was more than a huge fan of Shirley Temple movies. I wanted to BE her!

It was a fine afternoon for sifting through boxes. "Early Bird," was humming inside my head, and after 6 boxes and one plastic bin, we FOUND them!

Tucked away with my childhood dolls, were her little black shoes plus, 2 pair of stockings!

Now the question, Miss Temple, which one to don for the rest of your life? She thought and thought, and smiled and sang a bit, and then after a tiny round of double barefoot time stepping, she chose the white pair. (Which is probably for the best, as I am pretty sure the black pair belongs to Mary Poppins.)

You look like a new woman! Perhaps you'll now get a date to the Codfish Ball!
(That is if we do something with her much played with hair.)

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