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Monday, April 18, 2011

Marylin's Red Doll

One of the more creative dolls we have is Marylin's Red Doll. She was probably an experiment in abstract doll making, what with snap eyes, various patches, feathers, and snappy dancing feet. Abstract could be her middle name, as I delved deeper into what makes Red Doll, I received a lesson in eclecticism.

She spoke in beatnik pros, and I listened in rapture to absorb her eccentricity:

"I love hot sauce, ketchup and red raspberry jam...

red tassels, and satin make me who i am.

Red sky, cherry pie....

red lampshade and 


 Plaid is so sad, but

red wine makes me high.

Computer, pliers, paint....

red stools, no complaint.

Red skins..
red glass...

red jelly beans give me gas...

And who doesn't love a red fuzzy hat?

But the most precious red is behind my back.
You think you might know me, you think you are smart.
but Marylin gave me a secret


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