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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Madame Peahen

I digress from Granny's doll cabinet for one day, while I share a story of a current fund raising affair I participated in. It was for a dance school as to which my daughter took lessons from when she was young. They put out requests for doll artists to dress a doll to auction at their fund raiser.  I jumped at the chance to employ my other love: costuming and beading. Here is the doll they sent me:
A lanky specimen over 12" tall, with a pin head and arms like Popeye! I will take you through her transformation......

Step 1. Fabric Paint prepares her torso for clothing.

Step 2. Alien eyes peer out of the alien body form!

A face gives her personality!

Step 3. Trunks!

Step 4. and 5. A woman needs stockings to emphasize her Cyd Charisse legs, doesn't she?

and a dancer needs pointe shoes!

Step 6. A collar and some bling. Adding the back skirt gave our doll her name. She just adores Peacocks! 

Step 7. Black sequin hair and a hat to die for!

And of course, the rest of the clothing is a must if you are wearing a hat!

Our doll needed a little help standing on her own. It's been quite an exhausting 2 weeks! So, an old ceiling fan blade, a lamp base part, fence post finial, vintage door stop, some peacock feathers and rhinestones~became her resting stop!

And her she is, looking a wee bit tired from her creation, yet preparing herself for the gala event!

Finale'~ The Gala
Many dolls were there on exhibit. Dolls from a ll lands and careers.

Madame herself!

And last but not least...

the artist!


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