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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Uncle Wiggly

In honor of Easter, I am dedicating this blog to rabbits all across the globe. Even though rabbits really don't have have anything to do with the actual Easter holiday, somehow, they have hippity hopped into our lunisolar calendar, after a 40 day of fasting, following the Greek goddess from pre-Christian Germanic terms, Ostara, who somehow got changed to Hausos, representing hares and eggs.

And if that didn't bore you to tears, meet an old rabbit fav of mine, Uncle Wiggly, (in the green shorts).

Uncle Wiggly, from another folk lore fame, is a fuzzy creature with an endearing smile and a tenacious, over abundance of energy! He hung with the other rabbits for awhile and then he was off, off, off, scampering house to house, laying down the eggs. (Don't ask me how eggs and rabbits became associated).

And after a full day of  springing, leaping, bouncing, Uncle Wiggly relaxes...

                                                              At the Disco-tech!
Here he is on the floor preparing his now you see me, now you don't Easter tactics dance jive.

And later, he got down and boogied with the local chicks.

A few of his fellow rabbits took a break from the bandstand, allowing Uncle Wiggly to sit in. 

First he bounced around on the keyboard playing the "Here Comes Peter Cottontail Boogie."

Then, after much prodding and coercion, he jumped onto the drums playing a most awesome rendition of Eddie Rabbit's, "I Love A Rainy Night."

I had to drag him home after that, his little rabbit feet were red and swollen. He had put in quite a full Easter day...and night. And as I tucked him into his faux-grass-covered-in-jellybeans, bed, I heard him murmur,
".....the fifth little rabbit went creep, creep, creep..."

So I whispered in his long ears, 'Now it's time to go to sleep."

Happy Easter.

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