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Friday, April 22, 2011

Bigger Nancy

  We met the small

and Little,

                                                             and now..... the BIG!

Let's call her college age Nancy...or better known to her friends as

                       Velma was in West Side Story and her most famous line was "Ooh ooh oobly ooh!"
She is most definitely, caught in the 50's....

She loves the movies.

At last the concessions.....
college cravings...ya know.....

And then...there are the fast cars!!!!

How about wild summer nights at the Tiki bar??????

Tons of greasy pizza....

And necking under the giant flamingo at Look Out For Lovers Point.

Yes, Little Nancy's all grown up. She's packed on a few hormonal pounds and made some decisions that 
she might be ashamed for, in the end, but as I asked her if she had anything to declare.. ya know...for posterity....
         and she spat out, in West Side Story style.....


And you can punctuate that one!

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