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Monday, April 18, 2011

Stealth Monkey Meets His Match!

Remember, stealth monkey, who showed up in the least expected places?
He is once again on a mission.

His mission is....dat--da--da--dat---dee duh (Mission Impossible theme),

While out in the woods searching high and low for Mother Nature,

he found....

Jogg, the Swiss mountain climber.

They combined their talents to find signs of spring.....

Any sprouts growing in the old stump? No? Gotta move on .....

Jogg says, "Roger, Roger, the ice is out...water is flowing."

Stealth monkey found a mossy hole to hide in. Green is our target color!!! 
Jogg, drops his line to smell earth's musky redolence. 

Hiding out in another hollow log reveals....schrooms......generation baby boomer, X and Z expect nature abundance here!

Aha! The pontoon buoy released from a snowy captivity. Soon, we move it out onto the water.

Mission Accomplished: Spring is on it's way.

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