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Friday, April 1, 2011

And the Oscar goes to...

Sorry to spring this on you again, but all the dolls in the cabinet are not only---NOT dolls, or stuffed animals, but they are also---not dolls period.     .
Anyone who knew my Mother, knew she collected and collected and collected and collected. She was also an artist, as she was also the curator of Granny's doll cabinet.
     Apparently, there was a gala event at their house, I would say some time in the 1960's judging by the artwork. And whether people received these awards, or perhaps there was only one award handed out...but at any rate, the award in the doll cabinet...

                                                                                    my Father.
I would call this the Ramon award. (His name was Raymond). Drawn with precision, executed accurately, albeit this is only a tagboard relic.

But what I want to know is, what was it for? A birthday, anniversary, golden moment?

At a risk I will come off as a copy cat, I too made an award for my husband. Well, it wasn't really an award, but rather a cake topping. However, we have cakes for auspicious events, so perhaps this could be considered an award for another year of age.

This was John's 50th birthday. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, yet, I had no recollection of my Mother's (Father's) award until I inherited the doll cabinets, some years after my husband's celebration.

Dans la comparaison (in comparison):
1. Mother drew her own... I cheated, used a photo.
2. Mother used a standard award ceremony stereotype...I used 3D, an up and coming art platform.
3. My father is probably 10 years younger than John... but John holds his own, minor glue wrinkles.

And without a doubt the final qualifying blow:

4. Father is tastefully covered (THANK GOD!)...........while John displays his putter!

VOILA! I am the winner, no contest...

                                                    sorry Mother... 
                                                                                 actually, I like yours better.

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