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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bonzai Anyone?

Now, this doll has the potential to be a special doll, for he was created by me! He was my high school boyfriend, the Turk! (That's short for turkey.)

I say he has potential to be a special doll, not just because he was my old boyfriend, but because his hidden talent lies in Bonzai! Who would have thought a turkey could develop such a talent! Here he is with some tools of his trade, greens, moss and wire.

I got to catch up on our 21 year hiatus as he was creating his art.
It has been reported that the cherry blossoms are out in south Japan, so that was going to be Turk's focus today.

Let me tell you what, he was SO excited when the UPS man brought the blossom shipment. Makes me wonder......

He made this little rock and sand garden, now all we need is sake'!

Here he took a well deserved break with bonzai!

To pass the time, he had me gluing on tiny pink flowers for a LONG time. And this is the fruit of our mutual labor.

All in all, it was really good to see him again. He brought back a lot of memories. Yet, I can imaging what you are thinking now. About the stereotypical image of a florist?  My high school sweetheart hasn't changed THAT much...Turk is married with kids!

And remarkable as it seems, he still fits into his high school track uniform!

Ya gotta love those aviator glasses and short shorts!

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