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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Bolivian Wife

And what of the scorned Bolivian wife? She was on the downside of her Bolivian musician's affections yesterday. What's her story?

One story is...she is well endowed. That must be a Bolivian doll thing....
Another story is....she refinishes furniture.

I wonder if that works on the pectoral muscles, adding protein to the  mammary muscles adding to the ...well, never mind. The knee joint's connected to the elbow joint...and so on and so on.

This Bolivian doll refinishes furniture, and I studied her work. I saw a crappy dresser brought in today, 

and by the end of the day, it was well on it's way to being a fine, overhauled piece of furniture!

She's slick. Here she is with the tools of her trade:

And here she is revamping a table:

It's easy to refurbish, revamp or recondition a table..can you recondition a relationship? 

I think the little Bolivian's relationship is restored. Their love refurbished. 

And as for little Kuwanyamatia on the right,
...she just wants to go home.

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