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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blenheim's Bust

Blenheim is an unusual name for a girl, but so is it unusual to be a bodiless girl, as she is. She is a little bust from Germany.
Not to be confused or accused of having a little bust, Blenheim's life dreams involve visiting other busts! 

And speaking of busts, here's Blenheim with Mini Ha Ha.

And how about this monumental figure in world history? 

(Too bad the good parts are missing.)

And no trip to the world of statues would be complete without a visit to the Far East...

Robust Ram bust?

And then, at the giant rabbit exhibit, another bodiless bust appeared....

Blenheim and she were stupefied at the vision of another bodiless bust.

They hopped over together and chatted about this and that. 

They were busting to talk about their stature. All these years feeling the loneliness of a model effigy. The two figurines, truncated at such an early life. They longed for a statuesque facade. An iconic model to mold into wonderment. To carve a niche for themselves into the framework of life and...

well, you get the jist...

I was just beginning to stifle a yawn, when along came the bodiless twins Hepna and Elmira.

And then the conversation got as thick as plaster on a concrete dam, and I had to....

                     head out!
 I know, I know. that was 2/3rds of a pun..

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