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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hinamatsuri, (Doll's Festival) in honor of Girl's Day

Hinamatasuri is held March 3rd. This is a day to pray from young girl's growth and happiness. Most families display "hina-ningyo" (special dolls for Hinamatsuri).
They are usually arranged on a 5 or 7 tiered stand covered with a red carpet. I figured if Doll Day was good enough for Japan, it's good enough for Granny's doll cabinet dolls!
                                                     At the top are the Emporer and Empress.
 You might recognize the downtown man, and a new cabinet member, Empress Tokyo.

                               The next step contains three court ladies (sannin-kanjo).

And who else would the court ladies be but...

Pretty Doll...

Shirley Temple ( in her recent Packer regalia),

                                                                                              Show girl!

 The 3rd tier is stacked by five musicians (gonin-bayashi),

Not exactly a musician, but born with a microphone: Superstar!

Next, Madman Monkey McGee and Irish Fiddle Dude--

then Footey, the Bolivia man, and Clowny, trying to hold his own! 

Next on the Himanatsuri stack of doll fame are the two ministers (udajijin and sadajin),

The minister on the left (considered superior in the old Japanese court, therefore an elder), is one of the tumbling Gorgonzolla midgets from Tuscaloosa (chosen for his white beard), known for his wisdom.
And need we ask why the Flying Nun has been chosen as the other, ( shhh, don't tell her), 
inferior minister?

 Three servants line the fifth level, plus, the sakon no sukara (cherry tree), always planted on the left in the old Japanese court. Since this is a peach festival, a Ukon no tachibana (mandrin tree), is usually planted on the right. Well, folks, I didn't have one, so a beaded tree of great proportions will have to do!

Three servants...well, hmmmm, who would fit that bill? I know, the little German helpful girl, Miggie!! ... Red Riding Hood and Faceless Man. Flanked, of course, on both sides by cherry blossom and beaded tree impersonating as a peach tree (but made in Japan, never the less.)

The following two levels are dedicated to small meals, flowers and other things....

Incase you are thoroughly lost, or otherwise thinking I have left all senses behind, I follow with a photo of a REAL Hinamatsuri doll display. Sayonara!

Yea...I meant to make that!

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