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Friday, March 4, 2011

Gregor Gorgonzolla

Remember Clownie's pals, the flying Gorgonzolla brothers?

Yesterday, we saw Gregor Gorgonzolla, ( in red),  in the Hinamatsuri, posing as a priest in the high court. Today, we take a closer look at this circus performer's inner life.

Many circus performers have the sordid reputations such as gamblers, drunks, low life's and freaks, but Gregor turned a corner...

...which is easy to do it you are a flying Gorgonzolla from Tuscaloosa, since your brother can throw you around that corner! But brother Gottlieb Gorgonzolla had nothing to do with Gregor's transformation. His metamorphasis came from higher up than a trapeze...

Gregor is now a born again Evangelist!
( Pay no attention to the name on that bible), for it now belongs to Gregor!

As quickly as he could, he organized an Evangelistic meeting. Several of the old stand-by dolls showed up; idol curiosity, you know...

Gregor was impressive on the pulpit!

"Release this...take charge...start here...forgive yourself...reform....let go and..."
 The usual patter.
When he was done, he had an old fashioned revival. He asked the dolls to come to the podium and ask for their healing.

Faceless man came. He asked for a face.

The Gorgonzolla Profit provided!

When Daniel Boone, (the cross dresser), saw this, HE wanted a new face too.....with gobs of lusterlash! 
The Profit provided.

Annie busted into the events. She was sick of her squeaky clean
personality. She asked Gregor to heal her happiness!
He was much too eager to ablige. "You are a changed woman!" POOF!
 Annie was so dumbstruck, she begged for a reverse healing..."What a world, what a world."---poof.

"The sun'll come out tomorrow!"

If that wasn't the epitome of shear miracles, granny Goodknitter and Willermus Knobel came in, begging for more children!
Seems, the three they had after their geriatric wedding, wasn't enough to feather their nest.

"You are HEALED," cried out Gregor, and 'Poof,' there were the children!

Gregor, was exhausted! He sent everyone home, lay down
and meditated. There, he saw a light coming closer
          and closer,
                       and closer.
And he gave into it. And the Angels spoke unto him. And he discovered he had left his body and was standing in another realm. 
A crystal palace. He was in heaven! 
And      guess      who      was     there?

Jack and Stewey, of course!

 Praise the Lord. Amen.

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