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Saturday, March 26, 2011


A Hah! Not all doll's in Granny's doll cabinet are dolls. Meet Ralphy, tiny seal/otter or seal or otter or both.

No matter what his breed, I can tell you positively, that animals were harmed in his making, since he is genu-ine, bona-fide mink fur.

Wait a minute...does that make him an otter seal mink?

Well, no matter, because the thing is, he was playing around the house, with the dog....

Look closely to the right..that's not poop on the floor.

and he was playing hide and go seek on our fur throw...
See him on the white square?

He eventually got bored, as so often seal/otters do, so we took him out for drinks and pizza!

He did some seal flips over this pizza, I will tell ya. And then he started socializing. He met up with the girls cock-tailing and having a few laughs.

See him on the table center?

He was eying this glass of wine, but he really didn't want to drink it, he was looking for a cool down!

Ms. C was eager to oblige!

Then he hopped onto a passing boy's shoulder to do his balance-on-the-shoulder trick. Trouble is, he swam too long in the wine.

So he gave up the tricks, and met a couple of gents. When the conversation turned to trapping and hunting, little Ralphy was too quick to come back to us, imploring we take him home, back to the safety of his little cabinet.

(We cut off the heads here to protect the innocent...Innocent my eye...the cruel trappers and hunters who suck the life out of poor little creatures like minks, and turn them into seal/otter/mink things.)

Yet...... if someone hadn't trapped, maimed killed, stuffed, sewn and glued, 
we wouldn't have little 
Ralphy to 

There's a moral lesson in there somewhere, but...I'm not too sure what it is......

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