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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Harlequin White

My name is Harlequin White. They call me Harlow. I know, I know, blonde hair, blue eyes, 1930's, Jean Harlow. I've heard it all. BeLIEVE me..., and I am content to live the quiet life I lead away from prying eyes, and noseybuttinsky's. Away from the glam of Hollywood, and the bustle of New York City. I live a simple life, discreet, hushed, quiet...
soundless. Because I'm deaf.

Ya know, the blue eyed/white dog thing? happened to me too.

I don't suppose it had anything to do with my eyes, or my lifestyle, runnin' with the rough boys and all, but, well, life deals you a dirty hand sometimes and you just go with it, or you fold. But I'll tell ya, I have a passion, and it ain't pretty music or the gyrating ruckus of the world's hustle. It's a color. Maybe it's not a color at all. 
White milk...
 White eggs...whatever, the color or non color, makes me NUTS!

White snow....

And today, oh man, today, there was a mist that settled all around the neighborhood, ya know? And it settled in tiny clumps on the trees, and they looked like white apple blossoms! It made me CRAZY!

 Most people think I'm crazy, 'cause I can't get enough of it, but wait. I went NUTS when I saw the latest issue of Country Home magazine. I have some apologies comin' to me, I tell ya.
"The Simple Beauty of White"
There is was written in living color!

I adore white jewels.

And a girl's got to have her pearls, right?
 Oh, I could go on and on, but I suppose I am boring ya by now, after all what's so exciting about white? It may be nothing, but listen, those Eskimo people have something like 30 words for snow! It's just white snow, right?
 And how about those little paint chips at the hardware store? Silk Pillow, White Hills, Snow Bunny, Knight White, White Dove, Cotton Balls, Floral White, Simply White and more!

I know you're listening to me and yadda, yadda, yadda...  I suppose you are tired hearing little me go off on my favorite subject, and I didn't even get into white chocolate!  So, I'll move along and end here with my most FAVORITE white thing that I've ever seen. 

That hunka hunka statuesque man, 
David! Let's you and me share a bottle of white wine and have a white-out, on the town, ya  big lug!

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