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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mammy Belinda

One of the dolls in Granny's cabinet was made by me! She was supposed to be a African American maid for my 1800's dollhouse.

This was created when I was a child because
a. I knew nothing of the oppression of African American slavery~~~and~~~
b. I was in love with Raggedy Ann and Andy stories in which their maid/nanny, Beloved Belindy, was a treasured character. I used to have a Beloved Belindy doll.
(I know I still have her somewhere)
c. I was under the understanding that I needed a maid for my rich dollhouse family!

I have no idea why a face wasn't applied, but it didn't seem to matter, because as soon as I set her free in our house, she began spouting words to beat the band! I decided the very best challenge for her would be to turn her loose into my 16-year-old son's room......

I could hear her caterwauling all through the house!
"Child, you gonna tell me, dis boy ain't got nothin' better to do than slobber up his room like dis?"

"MMMMM-Mmm, even the poh cat is scared walkin' roun' this junk heap!"


"Looka dis bed! All RUMpled up and DISHeveled. Hard to get a good nite's sleep in dis bed, fo sho."

"An talk about disheveled, look at da HEAPS O LAUNdry all over the flo. Child, yu in a heap o' trouble now!"

"An look at all dis gahbage you pourin' into yo body! Moo Mist my big chocolate cheeks, you gonna look like a cow you keep drinkin' this trash. Mmmm-Mmmm."

(I said, "Give it TO him, Beloved!)

And she did.
"An hows a person sposed to study on dis desk? An when did yo Momma die and leave you to the dish washin? Cause it's clear, Somebody ain't doing it!"

"Land sakes, don't yo eveh put away da clean clothes yo Momma washes for you?"

And then...the final blow....
"Is that a COOKIE?" Is that an unfinished cookie just a settin' on yo dirty side table? Child, I'm gonna slap you up side dah head if I ever come into dis here room again and see this refuge and gahbage just a settin all over da room! You haven't heard the END of your poh ol Mammy Belinda! MMMMM-Mmmmm, yo are so in line for a whippin', jus hold back my hands and pray to the Almighty, dat I never see yo room dis UGLY again!"

Enough said....son, you better clean your room.

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