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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Life in a Nutshell

There are 3 little nutshell creations in Granny's doll cabinet.


                                                      And the Nut Art Family

It's really amazing to me that someone would go to that much work on a little empty nutshell, but I dare say, we do have a plethora of empty nutshells in the world, now don't we?

The little 'nuts' wanted to spread their wings and travel to see how the other nutshells lived. I took them to the local grocery store They were in awe when they found a barrel full of themselves!

Then I took them to the baking aisle, and they were not as enthusiastic over what they saw. Hundreds upon thousands of their relatives, splayed open and sealed in airtight containers!

I cautioned them that this was not their only demise! They had a couple other things that they needed to be aware of if they wished to venture into the real world out side the doll cabinet. 

The first being nut crackers and picks!

And the second? Well, squirrels and chipmunks, of course!

A shudder went through the little nut beds.

It was so frightening, our little Nut Art opened up to reveal what this treasured piece of Americana folk art was safeguarding inside. 

Why, there was a whole village inside this little nut! They showed me their happy go lucky life, which they were quite content with, and reminded me that they neither desired nor appreciated life outside the doll cabinet.
On the right, they were dancing~

In the center, it was tea time~
And on the left, there was a scuffle going on. 

Ah yes, it seems the little Nut Art Family covered the important goings ons of humanity. And that, as they say, is 

life in a nutshell!

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