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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Vern the Vet Tech

Meet little Vern, he wants to be a Veterinarian Techician. We followed him today as he took Maizy to the Veterinarian for her check up.

Since he is so short, he brings his little chair everywhere he goes. He was so surprised when had some resistance getting Maizy into the room...

And once he got her there, she wouldn't get on the scale. Women have issues about that, you know...

So little Vern got on the scale to prove to her vanity had no place in a Veterinarian's office. He was trying so hard to show his assertive side, and he was elated that his dog could come to the office and he could show her his technical knowledge!

For instance, while they were waiting to go into the Doctor's room, he rambled on and on about tick and flea preventatives.

Blah, blah, blah, is all Maizy heard. She knew all too well about ticks and fleas, and she didn't want to learn about that right now, anymore than she wanted to be at the Doctor's office.

That didn't stop Vern! He was an A++ student in Vet Tech School!  Next he implored Maizy to absorb Bute Paste!

"Some other animal can absorb Bute paste," squealed Maizy, "You aren't going near my bute with that syringe!"
Oh! Ha ha ha, Vern had a great laugh over this one. He told her he didn't mean to absorb into her, uh, well, you know...he meant absorb the knowledge!

Finally, the real Vet Tech called us into the examining room.  Maizy was a little relieved.
That is until Vern pointed out jars filled with probing items...
And long pointy things to stick in her ears!

I'm sorry to say, Maizy had all she could take when Vern asked her to bend over so he could check her internal heat!

Vern got a little heat all right, and last I saw, he was staying overnight to technically nurse his own wounds.

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