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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Harrison Richman

Harrison Richman was born with a silver spoon in his tiny little mouth. His Grandfather, a wealthy Connecticut land owner, built golf courses for the rich and famous. His father, also born with a silver spoon, just played the courses and partied with the rich and famous.

 Harrison's legacy would be to follow in his Father's cleated footsteps,

but what he really wants to be is
a farmer!

He wants to scoop eggs out from under clucking hens.

He wants to milk goats and live off the land.

He wants to fix fence and sleep in the barn on a soft, fluffy herding dog.

He wants to round up sheep and sheer them down for the wool.

But I'm afraid all that will have to wait until he grows up. He will have to be content with his little dog, in his little mansion, on his little 18 hole golf course, in the little state of Connecticut. Poor little Harrison.

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