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Monday, March 14, 2011

Rupert T. Rittenhouse

It's not hard to make a discriminating first impression of Rupert. He has an air about him that screams something other than top drawer, brainiac, head of the class. But today we have a lesson in not judging a shallow book by it's cover!

 He had humble beginnings in Bristol, England. His Mother was a school teacher, his father, a banker, yet Rupert, larger than most kids for his age, struggled with studies for most of his school years. Here he sits with his favorite book.

It took Rupert 14 years of schooling to be able to read it.

But having mastered his little red schoolbook, Rupert found a new lease on life when his family discovered that finance was the cog on his wheel. He could simply look at a box of coins and tell them exactly how many were in it.

This led Rupert to an exciting hobby. He would fill his piggy bank randomly, with various coinage he found around the house, on the streets, at the laundry mat, and then he would 'guess' the sum of the bank.

Voila! He was correct every time. 

He began going to church, and helping out with the coffers after service. His counting vision, was as miraculous as church miracles themselves!

Rupert was so overwhelmingly accurate, his Father decided to post him at a cash register in his bank. Why, his Father thought, he could save the bank several man hours a night!

Rupert didn't have to count the bank's daily take at the end of a shift. He simply looked into the drawer, and came up with the bang-on, precise, amazing total! From then on, people looked at Rupert with very different eyes.

Which suited Rupert T. Rittenhouse just fine, because he had very different eyes for which to view them back!

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