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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Carnival Kewpee

Carnival Kewpee has lost the stick she came home on. So she stands in the doll cabinet with wide, scared eyes. I asked her why the popping eyeballs?

She answered, "The better to read with!"

She explained that she really wasn't supposed to speak, since they covered her mouth with a strip of lace, so she took up reading. She can't get enough of it! Here is a sampling of her book collection:
Can you see Kewpie? She said she's read them all.

I don't even know how she holds a book, let alone reads it. Her arms are outstretched welcoming visitors to Carny traps. Spend some moola, win a prize. Poor girl, no wonder she wants more out of life. She wants escapism!

The arts, sciences, sociology! her brain can't absorb enough!

She showed me the largest book she had. And it opened to Wisconsin right away! She even know the highways and byways!

Carnival Kewpie took me to her bedside table. It was covered in books.

Every table in her whole house is covered in books.

 She did confess to me, that sometimes books could be  a little bit overwhelming. Like the Boy Scout Fun Book. She was at the carnival when the boy scouts were there, and she warns me, they weren't on their scout's honor! They knew what fun they could have with an innocent doll.

                                    She should know, she was the Carnival Kewpie prize!

"Step right up...

                  try your luck....

                                        win this little lady...

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