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Saturday, March 5, 2011

They call me Serrvey

I am from the SERRV community in Africa. SERRV partners with 17 artisan and farmer organizations in 10 Sub-Saharan countries: Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Rwanda, South Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland and Uganda. We make our own sustainable income. They call me Serrvey because I am a prodigy of the community.

I know how to make things with my own hands, I sell my goods. But I have also learned in the 21st century how to accumulate. I told them, "It's easy..use the World Wide Web! I use, EBAY!!!!"

This cloak I wear, and the beaded pin... it's from Ebay.

I get much merchandise to help the tiny village I am from.
I LOVE the postal system!! I go there daily.

You send to me...I get...from EBAY!!!!!

Hippi flower power...from EBAY!!!!!!

 Japanese, Hello Kittie
..from EBAY!!!!!!

American IPOD!!!! From ...EBAY!!!!!

 It's so easy. You order, they ship. 
The wonderful gifts, the wonderful packages!!!

An electronic Golf game.... I bought it on EBAY!!!!

We don't have electricity or plumbing, but we have wireless internet! I do not know how I use these new purchases but.....

they're from....


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