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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Scottish Girl

You know the fallacy that Scottish people are cheap? I am wondering right now if it is really a fallacy, prejudice or generalization? What I do know is that today's doll is C-H-E-A-P! She's so cheap, she doesn't even deserve a story. I don't know what my Mother was thinking when she purchased her...maybe she was a white elephant gift...
Let me mention this, Mother: PLASTIC, UGLY, CHEAP...not doll cabinet worthy. So hold on to your hats she is....the Scottish Girl.

Ok, she might look cute on the outside, but she is the kind who can't bend her knees. Her black coat is made of that flammable fake velvet, and the Scottish sash...wait....what Scottish sash you ask?
You ask for good reason, for you have to turn her around to see the blinking sash!

Plastic shoes, fake blouse (it has no sleeves), white velcro on the tip of her tie.

BUT, if this 10" model of modern plastic marvel interests you, she is for sale! Bidding begins at .50. That would be fifty cents plus shipping. Better yet, come to my summer garage sale, because she will be there, no doubt. Maybe for a quarter.
Cheap Scots.

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