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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Grannysmith Apple Head

Grannysmith, the apple head doll, or rather... "Grandma Perky," as her backside declares,

was getting spring fever. She implored me to take her out on a walk to seek out signs of spring.
I strapped on my walking shoes, she pulled on her shawl, and off we went into 43 degrees of sunshine!

First we stepped out past a constant drip, drip, drip trickling off our back porch.

Then we took to the streets. It felt wonderful to be outside again! It took a little while, but we did find a wee bit of grass poking it's pointy head out of our frozen earth.

As we walked on, Granny spied the poor man's excuse for spring...

artificial greenery!
"Tsk Tsk," clucked GG Perky, but I told her a little green makes a body feel young again.

We saw meager melting in a bird bath:

And a busy black squirrel securing his stash of nuts!
He wasn't ready to relinquish his winter's pantry, but he did have an eye on Grannysmith's APPLE head!
I whisked her into my pocket just in the nick-of-time!

We passed many houses decorated with fluffy white roof snow and ice cycles slowly becoming stalagmites.

And then....we found it! Heaven, Nirvanna, Valhalla! We found lime green peek-a-boo day lilies right in our own front yard!

Grannysmith Grandma Perky was so tickled, she almost wet her pants! I let her dance on another patch o'green in our front yard....

 and then we had to change her diaper. 

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