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Saturday, March 12, 2011


Anyone who has been faithful to this blog, is well acquainted with Tintinabula. She has been the Cleopatra to many a Marc Antony! Perhaps you remember her with Montgomery, the Canadian Mounty!

Or perhaps with Monty's tame deer?

And then there was the Pathan from India.

Let's not forget President's Day! Happy birthday, Mr. President.....

What you don't know about Tintin...
her passion....
is plants!

Here she is with a small, sickly bamboo she recently repotted and is fertilizing as we speak!

Here she poses with the veritable jungle in her boudoir.

You wouldn't believe this, but this tree was a tiny little sprout, when Tintin planted and nursed it into a long...
Hard growing specimen of vegetation!

And speaking of growing specimen's, her juicy tomatoes are VERY popular!

Tintinabulla's goal is to climb to the top of the world of horticulture. That is an expansive concept coming from a doll who's former goal was to climb to the top on, most anyone at anytime, in another business that starts with the same 3 letters, (but is relatively un-cultured..).

But who knows, if allowed to propagate, her new lease on life might grow on her, allowing her to bloom where she's planted. This delicate flower could blossom and mushroom into a new pistil of a woman! Her petals may unfold, revealing an inner sprout spewing Nectar of the Gods!

Or maybe she'll go back to Monty.

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