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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Evil Mons

I ask you this. You are in Europe, visiting, having a lovely time, taking in various countries, purchasing souvenirs. And then you get to Belgium, and some'thing', possesses you to buy this-
Evil Mons!

She gets her name from the broad banner across her side, "Mons."

Mons, is from Belgium. Her beautiful little apron spells out, 'Souvenir of Belgique.' How quaint, how European. Just spell the damned country right, okay? You know how many versions there are of 'Belgique' on Wikipedia? You can look it up. I think evil doll, who came in another one of those time capsules, ya know, is from Belgium.
 We all know how toxic plastic is.
 I made the mistake of letting her out, and then I made the 2nd mistake asking her what she was interested in....

"Duh, I'm from Belgium..I like Belgian waffles!", she retorted. 
And I just so happened to have a waffle maker. I swear, if I had taken this photo  a couple of hours later, I would have squashed her little souvenir body in it for breakfast!

So, Mons, would you like to go to the store with me? (That would be mistake #3.)

"Well, yaa. You know I like pastries."

And off we went to the pastry aisle, #1.



And then, she found the cookies!

I don't know how she keeps her bony Belgian figure, but I finally dragged her little evil self home. She immediately began to pout.

I slam dunked her into the time capsule!!!!

 And now ladies and gentlemen, this little lady is for sale to the highest bidder. I will start the bidding at $1.50. You can write me if you're interested:

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