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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Brigitta, the Austrian Doll

Here is Brigitta,
so happy to be in America from Austria, yet longing for some of her favorite Austrian traditions. You can see she came here in full Austrian regalia, but she carries a deep secret under her petticoat! Something she has finally decided to own up to and seek help for......

Brigitta is a choco-holic!

She dug through our cupboards and confiscated our outdated hot chocolate!

When she discovered I had made brownies for dessert last night, I caught Brigitta melting over the pan, longing to slurp up every last delectable gooey, chocolaty bite!

                                       Oh, dear, hide your shame under a cocoa bean tree!

I had to go for groceries, and she begged to go with.
I left her in produce, but look where she ended up...

No, no, no, Brigitta, curb your addictions, take charge of your life! At least look for the Austrian chocolate further down the aisle.

      But no, she went straight for the pudding!

I told her Snack Packs will pack on more than a snack on her lively European hips! 
But what care had she? She was a choco-junkie. 
As I pursued my shopping task at hand, I rounded a corner and found her with a new product.
Lavish indeed! Bestowing chocolate upon any woman is the ultimate lavishment, but chocolate oatmeal? Now, that's just plain uptown farm.

So, I made a deal with her. I told her if she'd follow me to my next stop, I would drop some lavish before her feet when we got home.
She agreed.
Next stop, Keg n Kork. Now there's a girl who knows the way to MY heart.....

So,we went home and I told her a secret..."JD hasn't eaten his Valentine chocolate yet. WE could split it!" And, being true to my word, I placed two round balls of fine cacao minced with creams and served up in a delicate bouquet of her feet. She yelled,

"Achtung! Mein Gott! those chocolates are as groB (large) as gross busen( big bosom)!!! How is it that women have this chocolate affliction? Why aren't Amerikaniche men falling on their faces over these bosom chocolates?"

"Well," said I, "The men buy the chocolates for the women, so the woman will show her busen to the men. And that's the way we roll here in Amerika. Now, eat these quick before JD notices and makes me, well, you know what...."

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