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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Thailand Dolls, Chiang and Noknoi

Here are the Thai dolls, Chiang and Noknoi.
 Perhaps you saw them on ebay recently...and they didn't sell. Maybe that's what started Noknoi on her hen-picking rampage, or maybe that's the way their marriage has always been.
                        Chiang, a worker, has always had a solid work ethic, he was born with ax in hand, so he can't be a total slouch.

Yet, that's not what Noknoi thinks. She is carrying the wood he chops, and according to her, he can't chop fast enough...

"Why you let the laundry pile up?" Noknoi asks him.
"I don't know," says Chiang. 
"Well get on it!" whines Noknoi.

"Why you don't rake snow off roof like that other man do? Now, ceiling dripping," nagged Noknoi

"I don't know," replies Chiang
"Well, get on it!" repeats Noknoi

"Why you watch so much tv?" barks Noknoi


"Fellows, are you hen-pecked and nagged constantly by your wife? Is she ranting away while you are trying to relax? Do you feel you deserve a break from her irritating habit?

Then introduce your wife to....

*MONTY!!! Of the Royal Canadian Mounties."

"Monty is a guaranteed wife distracter! He will wine and dine her, gaze at her under the northern lights, demonstrate his strong North American pecks, listen to her nag, help her with meaningless chores around the house....

....and he's not a bad conversationalist either!"

"He will sweep her off her feet, and in no time, your wife will forget all about you! Then you can get back to life's meaningful moments... drinks and tv with the boys!"

*Monty is a registered trademark of the Royal Canadian Mounties and in no way endorses this promiscuous behavior, although, as a Royal Canadian Mounty, he is always prepared to go above and beyond the call of duty.

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