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Monday, March 28, 2011

Tiny Sailor

Looming large in the doll cabinet is one of the tiniest of all. He is a little wooden sailor with pipe cleaner arms.

Standing only 1 and 1/2 inches tall, one day he bid his wife and child goodbye, and took to the open seas in pursuit of silk.

You see, somewhere in his worldly travels, he came upon a worm, weaving a beautiful thread across an osage orange flower.
 He said, "Tell me, oh little worm, what is this beautiful thread you weave, and where does it come from?"

The worm replied that it was of his own making. It was spun from his mouth to create a protective cocoon in which he would transform into a beautiful moth.
So moved was the Tiny Sailor, he decided to scour the world for these silken threads.

And find them, he did! He found spools...
upon spools...
  in the land of the wild hack-o-berry tree.

The Tiny Sailor filled his ship with spools and brought them to his studio edifice, where he began to weave and weave, like the old faithful silk worm. Not with his mouth, did he weave, but with a silver needle he picked up during his voyages to a miraculous land where the sallowrump people forge from great antiquitious silver mines.

Many an hour, day, week and month were spent weaving his beautiful silk tapestries.

And many times he was tempted by maids and mers to stay and weave for them, but Tiny Sailor knew he had but one goal to complete before all others, and that drove him on and on with his little silver needle.

For out of all the silken fabrics he painstakingly constructed, one stood out among the rest.
 And because of it, the Tiny Sailor could put down his needle and return to his wife and child.

he finally created a
 to his 

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