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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Leprechauns Exist!

Sure and begorah, there are little people in this world after all! Look who I found in the cabinet...Mr. O'Shaunacy! A tiny leprechaun from the aisles of green.

You know what they say, 'find a leprechaun and they have to take you to their pot of gold'? I tried to catch the little devil, but he escaped my grasp and commenced to the woods.

There he stood, playing his fiddle next a tiny pot of gold under the Ents tree. And slowly but surely, he was joined hither and yon, by other woodland mini's, each bearing a tiny instrument. Oh, how their timely tunes meandered over the forest and down the glen.

Word spread throughout, that O' Shaunacy's band was playing the land. The little quintet meandered by dint of the ruddy hills and tramped higgldey-piggldey paths. They plunked over the babbling brook until landing at Murphy's Pub. 

 What a joyous group of little people there ever where! The band struck up Paddy the Dandy, and followed up with Donnybrook, the Old Horned Sheep in C. Pints were passed, cabbage was consumed and St. Patrick's Day was as legends declare. "If you're lucky enough to be Irish~ 
You're lucky enough!" 

Happy St. Patrick's Day to yah!

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