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Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Miharu Fund Raising with Tadashi

Remember little Tadashi, who was heavily involved with the Relief Fund Raising Efforts in Rice Lake, WI? Today, he was back on the scene. He brought his San Francisco friend, Suzuki along for the adventure!

The went to Marketplace with their Geisha dummy board, to raise more money for Japan.

And look who they found doing the same thing!

Raise money they did! The people of Rice Lake were very generous, and thoughtful of Tadashi's little home village. They opened up their wallets, which opened up their hearts.

Tadashi and Suzuki introduced them to Japanese cherry blossom, and a Koi fish banner dedicated to Father and Sons.

The next time they get together, there will be many more delicate Japanese items to display. They are going to hold a dance and an auction for a fund raising benefit. Tadashi and Suzukii will be there. They hope you will be too!

(See facebook events under April 16, 2011)  
Dommo Arrigato Gosaimus!

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