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Monday, December 7, 2009

Welcome to my blog!!! It's a beautiful, dark, cold night in December. Tonite, the eve of my 52nd birthday seemed like a fetching time to begin chronologizing my life after half a century plus 2 years of this current life. (I know I could have said chronicling, but that's just not me.)
I live in Wisconsin, and as in most cold weather states, the news pretty much revolves around the weather. Yup, snow is coming, and it's coming soon. Tomorrow, in fact, and that means a couple of things to me (besides, it's time to break out the boots). The first thing that comes to mind is, "There go the pet grooming clients." The second would be, "There goes my tranquil day at home---ALONE-- because surely school will be closed, and my son and partner, a teacher, will be happily imprinting on my peace."
Even despite those two factors, it's hard to resist anticipation the real first snowfall brings. Which leads me to a few more thoughts: Do we have enough food to eat, and do I have enough WINE?
Enough said, I plan to show you art of mine, art of others along with general objects, quotes, music and philosophies that I find pleasing to the senses. At this point in my life, I am searching for beauty, I've had 52 years of reality! Please enjoy the ride. -Nancy

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  1. Happy Birthday from me and your two favorite clients Smokey and Max! They really need haircuts bad! Mommy needs some money soon! I'm so excited to see your blog! Welcome to this crazy and fascinating world on the WWW. XXOO Cathy