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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Vogue Doll

Well, lookey who's back on the blog... Me.... and a new doll! She is a quirky sort, to say the least. You would think from her stature and pudge that she would be a baby doll, but how could you call this the face of a baby?

Note: pouty red lips, luxurious lashes and nappy hair.

Yet, being an official Vogue Doll, as you can perhaps read on her tag, she has to have been in style, fashionable, trendy.

I decided she was way beyond her years, and the proof was in the pudding. I caught her watching Madonna Vogue clips on my computer.

I also caught her in our wine cabinet....

...and sneaking out for a cigarette!

Oh naughty naughty baby Vogue Babe!
Of course, what else can we expect from a doll who can wet herself from her derriere?

VOGUE!   Vogue...     Vogue....

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