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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dutmer's Doll-A-Day

Here lies Mother's old doll cabinet, chalked FULL of dolls from all over the world. Tucked away among the relics are dolls as old as my Mother (88 yrs.); some maybe older, many younger,  some handmade by members of the family, others handmade by a tribe member, or just cheap trash picked up along Mom's travels.
My 2011 plan is to post a doll a day, give it a little life and personality, and straighten up the crowed doll cabinet. My daughter was supposed to inherit these, as I inherited them, but all of her life, she thought of the cabinet as a "scarey" place. So, many of the dolls will be for sale. If they are, it will say at the end of the blog. Since I'm not PayPal savvy, if you are interested in a doll for sale, you'll have to email me.
Hope you have a very prosperous, fortuitous, fulfilling new year, and please enjoy Dutmer's Doll-A-Day!-Nancy

Meet Millicent K. Spivey. She hails originally from Great Britain, but her heart, body and soul reside on Long Island. 
Milly’s Charleston fetish grabbed hold of her New Year’s Eve, and perpetuated well into the bewitching hours, leaving Milly with aching feet and a pounding head.
 Champagne, being her drink of choice, flowed like Niagara Falls last evening, and I’m quite sure Milly made a fool of herself at least once or twice draped on visiting Yale upperclassmen, swinging from the chandelier, and romping atop a platter of grapes trying to make “wine.”  

Obviously, Millicent celebrated hardily this New Year’s Eve past, and is paying for her frivolity with a long New Year’s Day nap and a cold compress. No doubt she will be up and about later in the day preparing herself for the next party, which promises to be more satisfying than the last. Milly is single, prefers it that way, and is, most assuredly for sale this New Year’s Day, 2011. Bidding begins at $15.99.
                                                                                           To bid on a Doll A Day doll, send an email to

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