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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hilga Von Gertenstein

Hilga, from the International doll cabinet, is trapped in a time capsule.

Suddenly from seemily nowhere, a great white Snafarrapapus charges, knocking over the capsule and freeing Hilga!

 She confronts the insane beast, and it backs down.

Hilga makes her escape to a waterfal in a stand of woods just outside the wild beast's lair.

There, she travels alone for days on end,
enduring daunting hunger and extreme weather.

As her travels began to way her down, she seeks refuge in a near by Silverthatch tree. And that is where she meets Bluey Peacock....

Bluey takes her to the local pub, and indulges her with local weinerschnitzel!

With Hilga's appetite appeased, Bluey Peacock and she head onward to meet Bluey's Mother.

After  warm intoductions and happy reunions, Bluey's Mother, Mavis, suggests they go once again to the enchanted forest of the Silverthatches, to visit the remains of Bluey's Father,
Big Bluey Peacock balls.

Suddenly overcome by a great longing for her native land, Hilga must bid Bluey and his Father's  ancestral balls farewell....

Taking a momento from her new friend Bluey Peacock, back in her time caspsule she goes, promising to send dolls from Austria, Switzerland and even the Czech Republic!
Hilga Von Gertenstein would like to remind the viewers that she was brought to the cabinet @ 1968, from Germany, and is for sale. Bidding begins at $5.00. (email for purchase).

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