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Monday, January 24, 2011

Willermus Knobel and Granny Goodknitter

Remember Granny Goodknitter and Willermus Knobel? They fell in love at age ???, and she began tending to their little love nest by knitting them some love mittens.

While Willermus was out tending to the goats,
 dear little Granny got carried away with her knitting, as she was a fly-by-night, and knitted mittens so huge, they took over the entire household.

What could they do, but snuggle in, wrapping themselves in the giant mittens. They had a cozy love nest, but they longed for something more. That's when granny developed the notion that the two should become three or four or five! Unfortunately, Will's prostrate was prohibited, and Granny's uterus had long since fallen out,
so the two decided to adopt!  
                                                They started with Lightning Bug......

Then added Greeney and Clyde.
Now, they're household is happy, satisfying and WARM,
           thanks to those those giant mittens.


 I wonder what Granny will knit next?

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