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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Meet little Suzuki San (Miss Suzuki). Originally from Miyajima, Japan, she moved to Chinatown, San Fransisco, CA., and was added to the dori (doll) collection around 1967. Suzuki didn't know it, but she was the spring board for Nancy's adult obsession with all things Japanese (Nihon).

Suzuki arrived in San Fransisco after kissing her Aibo (Mother), a statuesque woman, and her Aifu (Father), a fisherman, good-bye.

 Suzuki got onto a ship ( which bears a remarkable resemblance to a Venitian canal boat,) and sailed the mighty ocean to Amerika (California)!
All she brought with her were 2 katana (like kimonos), one red and one multicolored. Suzuki was simply youki (overjoyed) when meeting an orphaned group of aiji (children) from Japan, who all spoke her Nihonjin (language).

Suzuki, humbled by her new life in a strange new country, drew on her former skills as a inu (dog) walker, and honed them daily until she became
"Suzuki's San Fransisco Spectacular: aka: Travelling Aikenka (dog lover) Act"

Perhaps she'll be tabibito (travelling) to a town near you very soon.

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