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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Willermus Knobel

Willermus Knobel, a Switzerland transplant, came to America from a humble upbringing. Once a resident high atop the Swiss Alps, Willer lived a quiet life with his goats, trudging through mountainous snow drifts, yodelling across death defying caverns, carving little wooden walking sticks and..

warming his frozen buns all the whilst drinking local micro brew, in the tiny, quaint mountain village taverns. 

Although Willermus loved his goats...A LITTLE TOO MUCH, according to  local talk, he was a fine goat herder!
But one day, Willer realized his longing for the love of a real woman as he hiked into the winter of his elderly years, so so ventured to the Americas! All it took was one swift flick from his Godzilla-sized-goat, and he landed swiftly in Waltham, Missouri, where he is living today in a crusty 2 room mobile home, deep in the heart of Reserection Village, a park for wayward foreign cheese farmers. 

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  1. Godzilla-sized-goat, oh no. I hope I never meet him in a dark alley on Sunday, next to a Mexican restaurant in the month of may while wearing a clown suit, eye patch and pirate hat. Unless of course I remembered to bring my light-saber for protection.