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Friday, January 28, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood

Everyone knows the story of Little Red Riding Hood, but did you realize she was actually morphed to her dear old grandmother? Here they are together right out of the doll cabinet, so it must be true.


knowing what is best for her granddaughter, sent Red Riding Hood off to school one day. Here you can see her in art school learning the fine technique of ceramics. 

My, what lovely pots you have my dear!

 "The better to piss in!", said the wolf!

Then dear old Grandmother sent Little Red to glee club! (Where dear old Grandmother is the organist).

My what dulcet tones you have my dear!

"The better to pounce on your pretty keys and get you into treble!"said the wolf!

Later that day, Grandmother sent Little Red to the dentist. She was a very good patient, as she climbed into the big chair and got an x-ray.

Little did she know, the x-ray machine was really a brain suck created by the evil wolf! He was in cahoots with the hairy armed dentist. 

The diabolical duo, along with their love-ly dental technician, sucked Little Red Riding Hood, and Grandmother, and......the wolf....into a nearby cookie jar....

....yeah, the wolf wasn't real bright......

The End

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  1. oooooooo I like that hairy arm it turns me on