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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Seniorita Contessa Delago Con Rio

 (Please read this with a Hispanic really improves the content.) A saucy little woman, this Seniorita Contessa Delago Con Rio. Making her rounds as the premier Burrito Babe can be exausting. Yet no one can troll a tamle' or tumble a taco, with grace and ease as Seniorito Rio.
Why, she flips fajitas faster, than flying fish can function! 

But hacking hash isn't the love of her life. Contessa has trained dutifully to be a bare back rider. Only somewhere, in the Spanglish translation, she misunderstood a "bare back rider" means no saddle. Miss Rio thought it meant delicately balancing on her back bone barely riding the fericious saddled beast!  

Audiences all over the world are mesmerized by Contessa's intricate layovers!
Why, just finding a saddled canine became a fabulous feat in itself!

Seniorita Contessa Delago Con Rio owes her fame and fortune to Miss Gusty Winds, her life-long idol, mentor, cow slinger, tutor, chef, tequilla pourer, translator, interpreter, horse-shoer, best boy, costumer and slappy friend!

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