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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Show Girl

A pretty girl is like a melody...that haunts you night and day....

Night and are the one...

Oh the wondrous romance of by gone days. Meet Lilly, a showgirl. Still walking the runway, still wearing satin. Nothing will keep this haute lady from her rhinestones and feathers. Who says romance is dead and gone?

Lilly can match any beauty on stage and off.

And her golden pipes! Why, here she warms up in the shower before she's off to the glitter and glam.

Paparazzi is her favorite word!

Satin sheets, wine and chocolates...what more could a girl want?

Well, secretly, all that she has ever wanted is a strong man to hold her when she cries...poor Lilly. Maybe Tinsel town is more tinsel than a show girl's heart can take.

Don't worry Lilly, every story has a silver lining, and among the stars in Granny's doll cabinet, there has to be one who will shine for be continued.

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