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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Grandchildren

Perched on the top shelf of Granny's doll cabinet, sits the grandchildren. All 10 of them. Here they all posed so beautifully, after hours of threats, bribes, coercion, tears, fights, squeaky toys and  finally, ice cream, from the camera man.

It takes a whole village to keep up with these younguns, each child having his/her own personality, quirks and drives.....well....maybe not a whole village, but at least a sturdy metal couch.

We will see their sparkling personalities come out one by one, as we unfold the hidden talents and desires of each little wondrous creature. Although they came with suggested names to the doll cabinet, seeing how they represented Granny's wonderful grandchildren,  the names will be changed henceforth, to protect the innocent.

 (disclaimer: the stories you are about to see may not in any way reflect the original grandchild's personality or life's goals. He/she could possibly be scarred for life if any original private secrets were revealed, not to mention rumors of distant relative's Mafia connections.)

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