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Saturday, January 22, 2011


You all know the story of Pinocchio, right? Well, here's the rest of the story...
On level 2 in Granny's doll cabinet, sit the personality dolls.
You recognize their faces, right? The Flying Nun, Dorothy and the Witch, Mary Poppins, Annie, Shirley Temple, etc, and Pinocchio.

We all know Pinoch wanted to become a real boy, but as he was sitting in a comfy chair one day, contemplating the world, Pinoch realized becoming a real boy wasn't truly the end-all goal he originally had in mind.
You see, to become a real good boy, is truly boring...all the chicks want is a bad boy, right? So, Pinocchio joined a gang.

They were a torid group of ruffians! They taught Pinoch all the ins and outs of being a bad boy. He soon rose to the rank of Head Bad Boy, as he put the screws to the gang's leader, Toughie McCoy.

Word spread throughout the land that Pinocchio 
had become the baddest boy around.
His reputation garnered a visit
from his idol, Peter Pan!
 Here he is posing with Peter for the cover of
 Beat'em Up Magazine.

Pinocchio became a household name in this crazy tough boy's underworld. He was no longer satisfied to be a mamby-pamby bad boy, he wanted to become the ultimate...the king...the emperor of bad boys!!! So he packed his belongings, moved to the remote island of Nevercomeback, and there met his supreme idol,
Captain Hook.

Hook, so adored Pinoch's wickedness, he inherently took him under his wing. Pinocchio became Hook's first mate, right hand man, ally, best boy, his girl friday, friend's forever, blood brothers, better half, significant other, and verily invited him to his deer camp every hunting season.

                                       And THEY  lived happily ever after

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