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Friday, January 14, 2011

The Twinnies

The specialty dolls on Granny's couch are the the Twinnies, Gertie and Splenda.

Tied to physical/emotional bonds of  twin-dom, they've mirrored each others moves since childhood.

Gertie and Splenda so wowed all who came in contact with them, by their every movements acting as one, the two loving sisters finally decided to take up the exhilarating world of the CIRCUS!

(Remember their sister, Twinkie, the one who took off with a clown? She met him on her visit to the great Circus on Parade, featuring her little sisters, the Twinnies!)

Meanwhile, back at the Circus, see their stupendous death defying act on the high-wire!

Clowning with Jack, the clown....

Monkeying around with Sockey 
and the circus animal parade!

Audiences gasp at their amazing, colossal tumbling balls performance!!

Gertie and Splenda, in their joyful youth, are so busy traveling around the globe in the exciting world of Circus, they have little time to worry about their physical future when arthritis, bulging disks, shingles, menopause, fibromyalgia, hair loss, hot flashes, weight gain and fatigue with overtake them.

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