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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lazy Marty

Poor little Lazy Marty, one of the babies on Granny's metal couch. Here he's laying with his cousins. He's in the pink blanket.

He was born with his blanky, and he can't seem to get his act together. I assume Granny babied  him his whole life, and now, he just lays around....

at the pool

At the beach...


With the Symphony...

At Granny's house, in bed all day.....

In fact, Lazy Marty slept around on the world! He was soooooo lazy.

But one terrible day, Lazy Marty made a fatal mistake. He went on an African safari, and got so tired in the dry, hot African weather. He wandered off from his tour group and found a soft, black bed.

But little did he know, his bed would attack, and, well, we really aren't sure, but legend says Lazy Marty was gobbled up by this sly member of the great cat family. What do you think? 

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