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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Little Humphrey, one of Granny's grandchildren, moved to Wisconsin! Originally from Illinois, he was ever so excited about his new adventure in a brand new state. He was so eager to explore the land and experience all Wisconsin had to offer!

Humphrey began by visiting local Native American Museums.

He visited small town cheese factory's.
Cheese curds became Humphrey's favorite food!

Humphrey so enjoyed all of Wisconsin's beautiful parks. He loved to commune with the animals in their natural habitat.

Soon Humphrey went out and bought himself a traditional log home,
filling it with rustic treasures he accumulated
 throughout his Wisconsin travels.

Summer's were spent fishing with buddies...

                                                                  Winters were spent fishing with buddies...

Saturdays AND Sundays were spent with THE PACKERS!!!!

                                        And then...OH the beer factories!
 Humphrey SO enjoyed miles and miles of micro brews all across the state!

Humphrey soon learned deer were not reserved for frolic and beauty in the parks...they were for WINTER MEALS!
Plus, he discovered, their dead carcasses made beautiful art throughout his home. Bear also made for wonderful sculpture and good eats!

And now little Humphrey is completely acclimated to his wonderful life in Wisconsin! He's got his deer, his fish, his tv, his beer, his cheese


                                        AND of course.....his beer belly!


  1. those cheese curds look a lot like scrabbled eggs with ham, cheese and peppers.